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December’s Games with Gold Xbox

Xbox free Games with Gold for December are in.

Qube two is a FPS style puzzler that reminds me a bit of Portal from the brief videos of the game. Looks interesting, and may be worth a free download, if not for anything other than a quick spin.

The Adventure title Never Alone has had a decent following since it’s release. My guess this will be the most popular of the two xbox one freebies this month. It has gorgeous graphics and stellar gameplay, although its been free in the past on other systems.

For the 360, this month brings two decent selections.

First, one of my favorite series, but probably my least favorite in the franchise, Dragon Age II. Still a solid RPG experience, if you missed it originally, or just starting out with the stellar Dragon Age series, make sure to pick this one up. This one has my top download of the month. Everyone should at least try it. 

Rounding out the month we also get Mercenaries for the 360. My least favorite of the month by far. If you like dated sandbox blow em’ ups this one might be for you.

This month’s free games with Gold is pretty boring. Qube two looks like it has potential to be a decent freebie, and I know Never Alone has a bit of a following, but neither are anything to rave about. Dragon Age II is the least popular in the franchise but still a stellar RPG experience. 

No AAA titles for us to enjoy. 

Hopefully January does us better. 

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